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Magnolia Hotel In Victoria

magnolia hotel in victoria

    magnolia hotel
  • The Magnolia Hotel is a hotel located at 1100 Texas Ave., in downtown Houston, Texas. It was the tallest building in Houston from 1926 to 1927.

  • A light four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage with a collapsible hood, seats for two passengers, and an elevated driver's seat in front

  • queen of Great Britain and Ireland and empress of India from 1837 to 1901; the last Hanoverian ruler of England (1819-1901)

  • (Roman mythology) goddess of victory; counterpart of Greek Nike

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the purple haze of HALO!

the purple haze of HALO!

...part of a chandilear seen at PRIME in the Magnolia Hotel in Victoria, BC

off now to the Oak Bay Artists' Studio Tour, today and Sunday, drop by for a visit and refreshments, noon to 4:30pm at 1900 Bowker Place, on Willows Beach

this is the purple zoom version!

First stop - Breakfast

First stop - Breakfast

The Magnolia Hotel in downtown Victoria was the first stop for the 2009 edition of CPRS-VI's annual Media Crawl. There were 29 people on this year's tour. Things started with a great breakfast from the hotel, one of CPRS-VI's most generous sponsors.

magnolia hotel in victoria

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